The Overwaitea Food Group

As Canada’s largest western-based food store chain, the Overwaitea Food Group (OFG) is building on its foundation of world-class team members and meeting customer needs each and every day with a focus on quality products and quality service. For nearly a century, OFG has focused on adapting to the changing needs of customers. 

Today, the company remains committed to its roots by delivering their own brand of innovation, customer service, and entrepreneurship at all levels.

The Overwaitea Food Group’s reputation for owning local, leveraging trends, providing unique service, and building value began nearly a century ago in New Westminster, British Columbia with its offering of 18 ounces of tea for the price of a pound— quickly becoming known as the “Over-Weight-Tea” store.

Nearly a century after the first “Over-Weight-Tea” store began its tradition of offering customers exceptional value, the Overwaitea Food Group continues to set itself apart in the marketplace by delivering world-class products, services, and in-store experience. With a customer-driven philosophy, OFG ignites an innovative spirit and encourages its team to work together to provide western Canadian families with an unparalleled shopping experience.

Each Overwaitea store has its own look, feel and selection of products and services, designed to provide local value and meet the needs of the community. 01 With an innovative spirit, each Overwaitea store is able to provide tailored services and products to each unique community that it serves.

The organization’s continued growth is driven by its commitment to adapting to the shifts in population demographics and changing consumer expectations when it comes to flavours and food cultures. Overwaitea’s multi-banner approach offers stronger connections to the various communities that it serves by tailoring its product mix to meet the unique needs of its customers.

With one of the most popular loyalty programs in Canada, OFG’s More Rewards program continues to offer customers even more value with the opportunity to earn points with every purchase at OFG stores, and with participating partners like More Rewards Mastercard™, Chevron, Coast Hotels and The Jim Pattison Auto Group.

OFG Team 02 The key to Overwaitea’s success is the team’s passion for great service and outstanding quality.

Building a Future

OFG’s continued growth and success is driven by an industry-leading group of long-serving team members, all equally committed to providing customers with the very best shopping experience. They continue to follow the simple principle of doing the right thing, by being the Number 1 supporter of local producers, and tailoring each and every store to its unique community.

OFG knows that innovation is the way forward as it is constantly on the lookout for new ways to serve its customers and team members better. Whether it’s sourcing the right products, helping kids get the health care they need closer to home, supporting local food banks, providing nutrition tours and healthy snacks to school kids, or supporting team members to reach their goals, OFG believes that true success lies in its people and outstanding service.

Looking ahead, OFG is moving forward with its focus on “Always Customer First” service and leading the way when it comes to providing the very best in local and community involvement. With a future set on growth, OFG is looking for new ways to continuously improve its customer service and ensure that each store can meet the needs of its diverse community.

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