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Our Values

What binds our divisions together? A focus on total customer satisfaction. By putting all of our customers first, the divisions of The Jim Pattison Group have become leaders in their respective markets. We continue to expand by never sacrificing our core values and maintaining a relentless pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

Integrity, Growth, Custumer Statisfaction, Quality Products & Services

Our Story

From one auto dealership in 1961, The Jim Pattison Group has grown into the entity it is today through organic expansion and acquisitions. Today, we continue to grow all areas of our business and are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities.

  • 1961 - The Jim Pattison Auto Group

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    The Jim Pattison Auto Group

    The story of The Jim Pattison Group began in 1961, with the purchase of a GM franchise that handled Pontiac and Buick nameplates. Today, The Jim Pattison Auto Group encompasses 25 locations, sells 15 vehicle brands, and continues to grow.
    Important Milestones
    • 1980 In January of 1980, The Jim Pattison Group acquires its first Toyota dealership. Today, the group owns 5 Toyota dealers, 2 Lexus dealers, and 4 Scion dealerships in the Toyota family.
    • 1999 In the fall of 1999, The Jim Pattison Group proudly welcomes a Volvo dealership to the fold. With the acquisition of 3 more, we are now BC’s largest Volvo dealer.
    • 2000 The Jim Pattison Group acquires the first of its four Hyundai dealerships.
    • 2012 Expansion into Manitoba begins, with the acquisition of Toyota and Subaru dealerships in the province.
    • 2013 Two more renowned brands join The Jim Pattison Auto Group family: Volkswagen and Audi.
    • Today  
    • 24 dealerships
    • 1,000’s of available vehicles
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  • 1961 - Jim Pattison Lease

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    Jim Pattison Lease

    On May 8 1961, Jim Pattison Lease was born, originally as a subdivision of our growing auto dealership. Jim Pattison Lease has since become its own entity, and grown into Canada’s largest privately owned fleet management and leasing company.
    Important Milestones
    • 1992 Jim Pattison Lease becomes its own division, separate from The Jim Pattison Auto Group.
    • 1993 Jim Pattison Lease expands in the prairies, acquiring National Vehicle Leasing’s BC and Alberta portfolios.
    • 2004 With the acquisition of Cross Canada Leasing in Toronto, Jim Pattison Lease bolsters its East-Coast presence.
    • 2007 Jim Pattison Lease acquires Westminster Auto Leasing and Hino Truck sales, hiring on all of their 35 employees.
    • 2015 Jim Pattison Lease and Groupe Park Avenue’s Quebec operations form a joint-venture and rebrand to Location Park Avenue - Jim Pattison Inc.
    • 2016 Jim Pattison Lease completed the acquisition of the All Makes Leasing Portfolio, located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
    • Today  
    • 29,500 units under lease
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  • 1965 - The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group

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    The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group

    The Jim Pattison Group’s first of many broadcast acquisitions was that of Vancouver’s CJOR – an AM station that first broadcast in 1923, and is still on the airwaves today (as CKPK – The PEAK 102.7 – on Vancouver’s FM dial).
    Important Milestones
    • 2000 The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group makes its largest broadcast acquisition to date when it purchases Monarch Broadcasting.
    • 2006 The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group acquires six FM stations on Vancouver Island.
    • 2013 The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group acquires Bell Media’s CKCE-FM (101.5 Kool FM) Calgary, and CHIQ-FM (FAB 94.3 FM) and CFQX-FM (QX 104 FM) in Winnipeg.
    • 2015 The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group acquires Rawlco Radio’s 7 FM and 2 AM radio stations in Edmonton, AB, North Battleford, Prince Albert, and Meadow Lake, SK.
    • Today  
    • 50 years on the airwaves
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  • 1967 - PATTISON Outdoor

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    PATTISON Outdoor

    The Jim Pattison Group acquired Seaboard Outdoor Advertising in 1967 and over the years continued to acquire similar businesses, including Hook Outdoor, Gould Outdoor, Metrobus, Trans Ad and Pillar Ad. In 1998, they were united under the PATTISON Outdoor banner.
    Important Milestones
    • 1995 PATTISON Outdoor launches some of Canada’s first fully-vinyl wrapped “SuperBuses” -- a revolution in transit advertising graphics.
    • 1998 PATTISON Outdoor’s presence extends from coast-to-coast with expansion into Atlantic Canada.
    • 2008 PATTISON Outdoor celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founding company, Seaboard. Gould and Hook’s anniversaries follow in 2013.
    • 2009 PATTISON Outdoor launches Canada’s first high resolution large-format digital billboard, and wins the rights to sell advertising on Toronto transit.
    • Today  
    • 229 large format digital billboards
    • 9 out of 10 top transit markets in Canada
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  • 1968 - Pattison Sign Group

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    Pattison Sign Group

    Prior to our acquisition of Neon Products in 1968, the Vancouver company had already made a name for itself as one of the few patent holders for neon signs. Since then, Pattison Sign Group has continued to grow, and is now one of the largest sign and visual communication companies in the world.
    Important Milestones
    • 1979 The Jim Pattison Group acquires pioneers in signage, Claude Neon.
    • 1987 The Jim Pattison Group acquires Martel-Stewart Ltd. and Heath Northwest, expanding its American presence.
    • 2002 After numerous acquisitions, Neon Products of Canada Ltd., Claude Neon, Enseignes Imperial Signs and Big Aluminum Letter Signs become formally known as Pattison Sign Group.
    • 2012 Pattison Sign Group gains one of the finest sign manufacturing teams and facilities in North America with Davis Neon.
    • Today  
    • 2nd largest signage and visual communications company in North America
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  • 1968 - Overwaitea Food Group

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    Overwaitea Food Group

    In the spring of 1968, The Jim Pattison Group made its first foray into what would soon be one of its primary industries: food. With the acquisition of the beloved brand Overwaitea, we began a legacy of feeding Western Canadian families.
    Important Milestones
    • 1915 On March 8, 1915, RC Kidd opens first store in New Westminster, BC.
    • 1982 With the conversion of several Your Mark It Foods stores, Save-On-Foods is launched.
    • 1985 Save-On-Foods’ first mega-store opens in Richmond, BC and along with it, comes a Western Canadian first: a full-service pharmacy in the grocery store.
    • 1993 Overwaitea launches its in-house customer loyalty program. Today, More Rewards is one of the largest loyalty programs in Canada.
    • 2014 OFG acquires 15 stores from Sobey’s Inc., expanding its presence throughout BC and AB.
    • 2015 100 years in business.
    • Today  
    • 100 years in business
    • #1 BC’s Most Loved Brand
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  • 1969 - TNG

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    With a century of history behind it, TNG is Canada’s first and oldest periodical wholesaler. The industry has changed rapidly since The Jim Pattison Group acquired the Provincial News Company in 1969; we’re proud to be the steadfast leader in the North American marketplace.
    Important Milestones
    • 1907 E.H. O’Brien begins distributing The Toronto Star out of his child-sized wagon. Within months, he opens an office on King Street in East Hamilton.
    • 1971 E.H. O’Brien’s business, now known as Mountain City News, is acquired by The Jim Pattison Group.
    • 1980 The Jim Pattison Group acquires many different companies including Mungeam News, Alaska News, WH Smith Wholesale, and Anderson News all the way to 2009.
    • 2013 The News Group rebrands to TNG.
    • 2014 TNG USA opens state-of-the-art facilities that include robotics; acquires many new markets in the US and Canada; and transitions its book business to Readerlink while maintaining the in-store service.
    • Today  
    • 1.5B magazines delivered annually
    • 78,000 retail visits a week
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  • 1984 - Canfisco

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    In 1984, The Jim Pattison Group acquired Canfisco – a company that has harvested, processed, and marketed seafood since 1906. Since then, it has continued to build on its tradition of excellence, earning a reputation as a quality supplier of sustainable Pacific seafood.
    Important Milestones
    • 1906 The Canadian Fishing Company Limited (Canfisco) is incorporated and supplies halibut to markets in North America.
    • 1990 Canfisco expands into Alaska by acquiring New England Fishing Company's Ketchikan plant.
    • 1999 Canfisco acquires the fishing and processing assets of BC Packers' BC and Alaskan operations, becoming the largest fishing company in BC. Canfisco also forms Alaska General Seafoods, a major participant in the Alaskan salmon and herring fisheries.
    • 2010 Canfisco acquires Leader Creek Fisheries in Bristol Bay, Alaska and becomes the largest producer of premium quality wild Alaskan sockeye salmon fillets.
    • 2011 Canfisco acquires the fishing and processing assets of Ocean Fisheries in BC and expands into the Pacific whitefish business.
    • Today  
    • #1 seafood processing plant in BC
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  • 1985 - Ripley Entertainment

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    Ripley Entertainment

    In 1985, The Jim Pattison Group acquired beloved entertainment brand Ripley’s Believe It or Not! The eccentric self-made Robert Ripley travelled to 201 countries in his life, and we’re proud to share his legacy and collection of oddities with the world.
    Important Milestones
    • 1918 American cartoonist Robert Ripley publishes his first cartoon chronicling unbelievable feats.
    • 1950 After 17 years of touring, Ripley’s “Odditorium” receives its first permanent home in St. Augustine, Florida.
    • 1993 Ripley Entertainment moves its headquarters to Orange County, near Orlando, Florida
    • 1995 Ripley’s acquires the rights to the Guinness World Records franchise.
    • 1997 Ripley opens its first aquarium attraction in Myrtle Beach, SC.
    • 2000 Ripley's Aquarium opens in Gatlinburg, TN.
    • 2013 Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada opens in Toronto, ON.
    • Today  
    • 10 countries
    • 90+ attractions
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  • 1990 - Montebello

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    The Jim Pattison Group acquired Montebello, a manufacturer of collapsible aluminum and laminate tubes, aerosol cans, industrial ink markers and caps and closures, in 1990. At the time, Montebello consisted of one plant in Hawkesbury, Ontario, but has grown considerably since.
    Important Milestones
    • 1998 Montebello builds an aluminum tube plant in Lebanon, Kentucky, and starts a laminate tube division in Pointe Claire, Quebec.
    • 2002 Montebello acquires the aluminum tube manufacturing division of Evercorp in 2002, followed by IntraPac’s aluminum tube division in Virginia in 2008.
    • 2008 Monfitello is established in Lachine, Quebec, to handle food packaging. Monfitello fills up to 75,000 tubes daily.
    • 2009 Montebello adds laminate tube manufacturing to its Harrisonburg, VA plant.
    • 2010 Montebello wins the prestigious Ted Klein Tube of the Year award. This same tube wins again in 2014.
    • Today  
    • 800M finished units produced annually
    • 7B injection molding caps produced annually
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  • 1990 - Genpak

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    In 1990, The Jim Pattison Group gained management control of Innopac; the parent company of packaging manufacturer Genpak.
    Important Milestones
    • 1992 Expansion into Quebec is completed with the purchase of Fibracan’s paper portion cup business.
    • 2004 LinPac Inc’s foam business in Sebring, Florida is acquired and The Jim Pattison Group also merges the remaining flexible businesses – Strout and Progressive – into Genpak.
    • 2006 Carthage Cup, a manufacturer of plastic cold cups in Carthage, Texas, is acquired.
    • 2010 Another substantial manufacturer of paper cups and containers, Dover Cup, is acquired byGenpak.
    • Today  
    • 41K lbs of polystyrene saved with post-consumer recycled material
    • 14M pounds of PET resin saved through recycling
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  • 1993 - Westshore Terminals

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    Westshore Terminals

    Westshore Terminals has been in operation for over four decades, and is Canada’s largest export coal facility. In 1993, The Jim Pattison Group assumed the management control over Westar Group Ltd., which includes Westshore Terminals’ bulk loading facility in Roberts Bank, BC.
    Important Milestones
    • 1970 Westshore Terminals opens as the only tenant of the Roberts Bank Superport.
    • 1997 After the then-largest IPO in Canadian history, Westshore Income Trust is born.
    • 2005 The price of coking coal exceeds $100 /mt for the first time in history – eventually reaching $125/mt US.
    • 2014 Westshore announces that they will modernize their office and shop complex, investing $275M over five years.
    • Today  
    • 30M+ tonnes of exported capacity
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  • 1995 - Buy-Low Foods

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    Buy-Low Foods

    On September 30th, 1995, The Jim Pattison Group acquired Buy-Low Foods – which at the time, consisted of four corporate and four franchise stores. This began a period of aggressive growth through acquisitions, and resulted in Buy-Low Foods becoming the largest wholesaler to independent grocers in Western Canada by 1999.
    Important Milestones
    • 1966 Bob Eastman, Merv Johnston, Carl Ruby, and Lorne Pearson open the first Buy-Low store.
    • 1995 Buy-Low Foods acquires a grocery distribution centre; a produce distribution centre; and 8 corporate and 4 franchise stores.
    • 2001 Buy-Low Foods acquires Van-Whole Produce – becoming the market leader in produce wholesale in Western Canada.
    • 2003 Buy-Low Foods acquires Nesters Market and branches into upscale, organic and natural foods.
    • 2012 With the acquisition of Meinhardt Fine Foods, Buy-Low Foods marks its entry into the gourmet and specialty niche.
    • Today  
    • #1 largest distributor to independent grocers in western canada
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  • 2002 - Canfor

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    Through acquisitions including major players like Northwood Inc., Slocan Forest Products Ltd., and its own namesake, Canfor has grown from one small mill, and into a global player. Today, The Jim Pattison Group is the largest shareholder in Canfor Corporation.
    Important Milestones
    • 1938 Months after settling in Vancouver, John Prentice and Poldi Bentley form a furniture and paneling veneer company. They build a small mill on the banks of the Fraser River.
    • 1947 Following a number of acquisitions, including a small firm called Canadian Forest Products Limited, all operations are reorganized under this name.
    • 1965 In 1962, a joint venture with Reed Paper Group Limited of the UK leads to the start-up of Prince George Pulp and Paper in 1965.
    • 1983 On June 27, 1983 Canfor Corporation becomes a public company. Canadian Forest Products Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canfor Corporation.
    • 2006 Canfor broadens its territory with the purchase of New South Companies Inc. on the Eastern coast of the US.
    • Today  
    • 2nd largest integrated forest products company
    • 5th largest Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft producer
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  • 2004 - Great Wolf Lodge

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    Great Wolf Lodge

    Great Wolf Resorts is the world’s largest chain of indoor waterparks. In March 2004, The Jim Pattison Group announced the purchase of exclusive franchise rights to the brand in Canada, with the opening of the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls.

    Important Milestones
    • 2007 Great Wolf Lodge introduces Project Green Wolf – an initiative that reduces water and energy usage throughout the resort.
    • 2009 Great Wolf Lodge is recognized for its excellence in human resources development by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. They are recognized again in 2012.
    • 2012 The Golden Horseshoe Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals presents Great Wolf Lodge with the Outstanding Corporation award.
    • 2013 Great Wolf Lodge proudly accepts the Best Traveller Experience award from the Tourism Industry Association of Canada.
    • Today  
    • #1 largest indoor waterpark resort in canada
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  • 2008 - Guinness World Records

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    Guinness World Records

    In 1954, Sir Hugo Beaver of the Guinness Brewery asked Fleet Street’s sports journalists to compile the facts and figures that would become the first Guinness Book of World Records. It has been a best-seller ever since, and in 2008, The Jim Pattison Group acquired the world-renowned brand.
    Important Milestones
    • 1955 The first edition of The Guinness Book of Records is bound and released in the UK. It becomes a Christmas best-seller that year.
    • 2004 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visits the London office and receives a copy of the 50th anniversary edition from the president, Alistair Richards.
    • 2012 Guinness World Records opens an office in Beijing, China, and the largest audience for a GWR TV show is recorded with peak viewing figures of 450 million.
    • 2013 The 3 millionth copy of Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition is sold.
    • 2014 Guinness World Records celebrates its 60th anniversary, bringing together the tallest and shortest men in the world for historic encounter.
    • Today  
    • 130M copies sold in more than 100 different countries worldwide
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  • 2011 - Ocean Brands

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    Ocean Brands

    Ocean Brands first achieved success as a fishery, based in Richmond, BC, before becoming a household name. In 2007, Ocean’s and The Jim Pattison Group entered a strategic alliance and in 2011, Ocean Brands became wholly owned. Today, Ocean Brands brings the most innovative food from around the world to Canadian consumers.
    Important Milestones
    • 1962 Ocean Fisheries, a privately owned BC company, is incorporated.
    • 1983 Ocean’s seafood brand launches. Ocean’s-branded salmon soon gives way to tuna, clams, oysters, and more.
    • 1985 Ocean’s expands into overseas markets including the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.
    • 2013 Ocean’s continues to innovate, launching a line of Italian Pasta Sauces under the Ocean’s World Cuisine brand.
    • 2014 Ocean’s acquires the Gold Seal brand from sister company, Canfisco (Canadian Fishing Company), strengthening their market share.
    • Today  
    • 2nd largest canned seafood brand in canada
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  • 2011 - Everything Wine

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    Everything Wine

    In 2011, The Jim Pattison Group expanded our food and beverage offering to include a complementary product: wine. Everything Wine, with its exceptional commitment to customer service, worldwide selection and in-store experience, was the obvious choice.
    Important Milestones
    • 2007 Everything Wine opens its first store in Langford, British Columbia. At 12,000 square feet, it is BC’s largest wine store.
    • 2009 To capitalize on the growth of eCommerce, Everything Wine opens its online store.
    • 2012 Everything Wine expands to Alberta, opening two stores in Lethbridge and Sherwood Park.
    • 2014 Everything Wine sets a new milestone, sourcing and importing over 35,000 exclusive cases of wine.
    • Today  
    • #1 online wine retailer in western canada
    • 275 regional imports
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  • 2012 - Comag Marketing Group

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    Comag Marketing Group

    The Jim Pattison Group acquired Comag Marketing Group (CMG) as a complementary service to its periodical distribution business in 2012. CMG allows us to provide publishers of many of the world’s leading magazine brands with comprehensive sales, marketing and supply chain solutions.
    Important Milestones
    • 2013 With the addition of AMI and Bauer as marketing clients, CMG increases its market share from 23% to 42%.
    • 2014 After Source Interlink exits the newsstand business, CMG and its sister company, Genera, jump into foreign distribution. They currently represent 35% of all exported US magazines.
    • 2014 The Bauer backroom business transitions to CMG in July of 2014, raising the backroom market share from 24% to 31%.
    • 2015 By consistently growing market share, CMG maintains retail sales in an industry that has experienced a 24% decline.
    • Today  
    • 45 countries to which CMG exports US magazines
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  • 2013 - SunRype

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    In 2013, The Jim Pattison Group proudly acquired one of Western Canada’s most beloved brands: SunRype. Manufacturers of snacks and beverages, SunRype is perhaps best known for its iconic Blue Label apple juice.
    Important Milestones
    • 1946 BC Fruit Processors begins processing wholesome, pure juice straight from the orchard in Kelowna, BC.
    • 1950 In the 1950s, BC Fruit Processors becomes SunRype, and starts producing its Blue Label apple juice.
    • 1997 SunRype recognizes a need for healthful snacks and launches Fruit to Go. This paves the way for the FruitSource launch in 2004.
    • 2007 SunRype introduces a new way to get your 5-10 servings a day with Fruit Plus Veggie, a line of fruit and vegetable juices.
    • 2014 To better serve customers’ changing dietary needs and preferences, SunRype launches low calorie and no-sugar products, including protein and energy bars.
    • Today  
    • 25M litres of juice processed
    • 115M bars produced
    View Sun-Rype Products Ltd.
  • 2014 - Maple Farm Equipment

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    Maple Farm Equipment

    In 2014, The Jim Pattison Group expanded into the agricultural equipment business with the acquisition of Maple Farm Equipment.
    Important Milestones
    • 1964 Maple Farm Equipment is incorporated in a storefront on Maple Ave in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
    • 1991 Maple Farm Equipment begins to consolidate with multiple acquisitions, including Preeceville Implements in 1991, Balcarres in 2004, Wynyard and Foam Lake in 2006 and Moosomin and Russell in 2010.
    • 2011 Maple Farm Equipment becomes the #1 combine dealer in Canada with 248 combines sold.
    • Today  
    • 7 John Deere dealerships in Saskatchewan and Manitoba
  • 2014 - JayDee AgTech

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    JayDee AgTech

    In conjunction with the acquisition of Maple Farm Equipment, The Jim Pattison Group’s acquisition of JayDee AgTech allowed it to enter a new market: John Deere agricultural equipment dealerships.
    Important Milestones
    • 1975 The Smith family purchases the original Swift Current John Deere dealership, which is still the network’s core location in present day.
    • 1996 Duane Smith, son of the original owners, purchases the family business outright with three trusted partners.
    • 2002 The company expands to five locations, all in Saskatchewan. Today, JayDee AgTech has 9 John Deere dealerships.
    • 2009 With the merger of JayDee Equipment, Green Acres Equipment, Greenstar Ag & Turf and Humboldt Farm Equipment, JayDee AgTech is formed.
    • 2011 JayDee AgTech is named the North American Dealer of the Year by Farm Equipment Magazine.
    • Today  
    • 9 John Deere dealerships
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  • 2015 - Peterbilt Pacific

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    Peterbilt Pacific

    Family operated since 1969, Peterbilt Pacific joined The Jim Pattison Group in 2015. Impressed by their commitment to seamless service across multiple locations, we felt their ethos naturally aligned with ours – making them a welcome addition to our divisions.
    Important Milestones
    • 1969 John Pasiuk opens a Prince George dealership under the White Western Star banner.
    • 1972 To keep up with growing demand and serve a wider swath of the province, the Pasiuk family opens a Kamloops location.
    • 1986 The existing dealerships move over to the Peterbilt brand and add another location in Surrey, shortly followed by one in Terrace.
    • 1997 Company leadership transitions to a new generation: Don & Terry Pasiuk take the reins of the small but growing empire.
    • 2001 Peterbilt Pacific is recognized as the North American Dealer of the year. They are recognized again in 2004; the same year they expand to Abbotsford.
    • 2016 Peterbilt Pacific added two branches: Nanaimo & Delta.
    • Today  
    • 7 dealerships
    • 272 employees
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