Canadian Fishing Company

For 108 years, the Canadian Fishing Company (Canfisco) has harvested, processed, and marketed premium, sustainable seafood — including Pacific wild salmon, herring, blackcod, hake, halibut, whitefish and sardines — from the coastal waters of British Columbia and Alaska, supplying high quality products to its customers throughout the world.

Canadian Fishing Company 01 Canfisco's fishing fleets harvest salmon, herring, hake and groundfish along the coasts of British Columbia and Alaska.

Canfisco operates the largest fleet of commercial fishing vessels in British Columbia and has major processing facilities in Prince Rupert and Vancouver, including its affiliate, Delta Pacific Seafoods. Delta Pacific is the largest fresh, frozen, and value added seafood processing plant in British Columbia. Canfisco is the industry leader in the major salmon, herring and whitefish fisheries in British Columbia producing a full range of fresh, frozen, canned and value added products.

Canfisco’s Alaskan affiliates, Leader Creek Fisheries, and Alaska General Seafoods, are major participants in the world’s largest wild sockeye salmon fishery in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Leader Creek Fisheries is the industry’s most recognized producer of Bristol Bay’s highest quality wild sockeye salmon fillets. Alaska General Seafoods is a leading producer of premium quality canned salmon products at its facilities in Naknek and Ketchikan, Alaska.

Fresh salmon processed at Canfisco’s plant in Vancouver, British Columbia. 02 Fresh salmon processed at Canfisco’s plant in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Canfisco sells its seafood products into 27 countries worldwide. In the Canadian domestic market, Canfisco is a major supplier of canned, fresh, and frozen salmon products renowned for their premium taste and quality.

In 2013, the Canfisco Group harvested over 140 million pounds of fish and employed more than 5,000 people in its fishing and processing facilities spanning from Western Alaska to Southern British Columbia.

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