With more than 100 years in the magazine and book business, TNG is North America’s largest magazine and book wholesaler. TNG is also a rapidly growing supplier of in-store execution services for retailers and manufacturers. With its new brand, TNG is poised to become a leading in-store solutions provider to major retailers across the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada.

TNG 01 TNG utilizes high tech return handling solutions for unsold magazines and books. All unsold items are fully recycled or returned to publishers.

With approximately 10,000 employees and extensive infrastructure across the United States and Canada, TNG has the dominant market share position in the reading product category. TNG receives, processes, delivers and tracks well over 1.5 billion books and magazines every year. Its people work with a sense of urgency in dealing with perishable reading products throughout its distribution centers, depots, offices and stores to ensure products get onto retail shelves quickly.

While TNG’s core service has been, and continues to be, wholesaling and distributing books and magazines, it has diversified its retail service offerings to take advantage of its extensive experience and expertise. TNG takes pride in delivering excellent service in logistics, front-end category management, merchandising, general merchandising management, and displays. TNG now offers a full-service approach to retailers across North America.

Reading Category

The reading category is a multi-billion dollar category in the mass-market retail stores that TNG services. Shoppers enjoy taking a break from shopping in the reading centers TNG has developed with its retailing partners. Retailers enjoy the impulse sales and profit generated.

Logistics & Distribution Solutions

TNG’s broad reach and extensive infrastructure provide a complete supply-chain management solution. TNG’s vendors entrust the flow of product, including warehousing, order assembly, outbound delivery and reverse logistics, for more than 1.5 billion periodicals and other products per year.

TNG 02 TNG is a leader in providing innovative displays that showcase over 3,000 magazine titles.

In-Store Execution & Merchandising Solutions

TNG’s customers appreciate that TNG fully understands their needs as it relates to speed-to-market; getting their products out of their back rooms and onto their selling floor, ready for when their customers walk by. TNG ensures products are well displayed, stocked and available for customers.

TNG Checkout & Display Solutions

Retail Support Services provides turnkey solutions for in-line and checkout displays. As experts in development, procurement and installation of cost-effective, front-end solutions for retailers, TNG provides peace of mind and increased profitability to retailers.

General Merchandise Management Solutions

Stenek provides retailers with a complete general merchandise management system. Stenek is growing, as retailers today are increasingly outsourcing this service. Stenek helps them gain efficiencies, minimize inventories and grow sales through its best-in-class merchandising system.