Pattison Outdoor

For advertisers to connect with today’s consumer, they need to empower brand advocacy, deliver messages with bold ideas in ways that engage audiences, and stand out with unmatched reach and coverage. With Canada’s largest, most powerful network of Out-of-Home advertising products, Pattison Outdoor provides advertisers with incredible opportunities for consumer engagement and to deliver cost effective, ROI-driven advertising.

VW Digital Superboard 01 VW Digital Superboard — “Fear not the passing lane” was a perfect tagline for the positioning of this 14’H x 48’W digital board on one of the busiest roads in Toronto.

Pattison Outdoor is Canada’s leader in Out-of-Home advertising and a strategic brand partner for countless advertisers. Whether advertising locally or nationally, Pattison Outdoor’s clients have access to unparalleled Out-of-Home advertising coverage: the broadest range of product formats available (transit, digital, street level, mall, office, residential, airport and ferries); sophisticated analytics and market reports like Web Mapping and EYEWITNESS™; award-winning creative design; and innovative production capabilities.

From coast to coast, Pattison Outdoor provides advertisers the opportunity to speak to communities of all sizes and to deepen their interactions with consumers. With 25 sales offices and a presence in 200 markets across the country, Pattison Outdoor’s knowledge of local markets is unmatched.

Great Wolf Lodge Video Wall 02 Great Wolf Lodge Video Wall — Part of Pattison Outdoor’s digital network, this Video Wall located in the PATH in downtown Toronto offers dynamic video capabilities on a large scale. Targeting professionals and shoppers, content is updated frequently.

As advertisers continue to add digital and interactive channels to their advertising plans, traditional Out-of-Home advertising is becoming a natural companion medium for technology-enabled platforms. Pattison Outdoor understands this shift and the need for advertisers to focus on new strategies that include Out-of- Home. Pattison Outdoor is in touch with changing business environments and its clients’ changing perceptions, interests and needs. Advertisers can also rely on Pattison Outdoor to provide unparalleled customer service, collaborating with clients to deliver inspired, actionable ideas, and to ignite excitement.

Pattison Outdoor delivers industry-leading solutions and an incredible ability to connect. It is a tremendous network of products that carries significant influence on how advertisers effectively communicate in a modern and very sophisticated world of business. Pattison Outdoor is proud of its collaborative approach and its powerful blend of strategy, creativity, and analytics that help advertisers succeed in the marketplace.